4th International Congress of the Swiss Social Work Society (SSTS)12 - 13.9.2018, Lausanne

Fabio Folgheraiter

Fabio Folgheraiter is Professor of Methodology of Social Services at the Catholic University of Milan, where he coordinates the Bachelor of social Service and the Master courses Sciences in Social Service Sciences and Welfare Policies. He is director of the research centre Relational Social Work in the Department of Sociology at the Catholic University of Milan and coordinator of the doctoral course "Social Work and Personal Social Services". He is co-founder of Centro Studi Erickson in Trento, where he directs the series "Methods and Techniques in Social Work" and the journal "Lavoro Sociale".
He is the autor of numerous studies on social work and social policies.

Recent publications:

  • Manifesto del Metodo Relational Social Work, trento, Erickson, 2018.
  • Scritti scelti. Teoria e metodologia di Social work, trento, Erickson, 2017.
  • Non fare agli altri. Economia e welfare in una società più equa, Trento, Erickson, 2014.
  • The Mystery of Social Work. A critical of the Global Definition and new suggestions according to relational theroy - con versione italiana a fronte, Trento, Erickson, 2012.
  • Sorella crisi. La ricchezza di un welfare povero, trento, Erickson, 2012.
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